Docks Sommerfest

Together with RWAC at the Docks Sommerfest in Hamburg



33 years of music. 33 years of music business. 33 years being a trend setter. That’s Virgil in short.

Founder & Head of the aspiring techno label "KDK Music”, one half of “RWAC" with releases like “Im Schlepptau lfo”, “Marionettes”, “Elle Dorado”, “Nostalgica”, just to name a few.

His newest release "Waves of Danube / Circulation" went straight up to #1 in the Beatport Melodic Techno charts.

Virgil's music is like him, sometimes minimal sometimes maximal, but always exacly what’s needed in a given point in time. - Regardless of who's crowd, his mission is always - Rocking the floor!!!

Try to catch this rebel without a cause at one of the next events and listen to his music.

Next Dates

You We Bootstour

June 15th - On board of the Adolf Stühff - Lübeck. Germany
June 15th - After party @ Café Brazil - Lübeck, Germany
August 31st - You We Techno Train @ Gara Oravița, Romania


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