Luca Gudermann


Electronic Music | Tribal Downtempo Techno


Luca Gudermann

Luca discovered his interest in music at a young age. After 10 years of playing the classical piano he joined an indie rock band at the age of 16 and started playing the guitar. During that time, he experimented with electronic music production, which is now his biggest passion. As Luca often spends his time in distant places like Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, hitchhiking through Bosnia and Serbia or studying abroad in Turkey, his music is inspired by different cultures and places. This is why some of his productions have arabic vocals or asian drum sounds, but he also loves the sound of melodic and traditional techno. Now, feeling comfortable in elecronic music production, composition and mixing, he released his first tracks with labels such as trndmsk, Katz&Kauz and Ultrawave Records. Luca has high ambitions and is very excited to become a part of KDK music.

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You We Bootstour

June 15th - On board of the Adolf Stühff - Lübeck. Germany
June 15th - After party @ Café Brazil - Lübeck, Germany


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