Eselnita, Romania

of Danube]

Apr 20th 2019

[KDK Music Danube Trip]

The German Techno sound of KDK - KDK Music is drifting down to the south!!! - We'll follow the Danube to host an unforgettable boat trip and After-Show party!!! ♫♪♬

Next stop:
⚓ Orșova, (Eșelnița) Romania!!! ⚓

Be one of 200 guests, who will abandon the real world to share the feeling of dancing to our Techno sound on a boat equipped with a Void Acoustics PA-system, while watching the beautiful nature around us!

We'll enter the boat in Eselnita (Orșova) to start our 6h techno journey, while floating on the Danube in between Chipul lui Decebal
(The face of Decebal), Cazanele mici and Cazanele Mari (Danube big Boilers). - Afterwards, we'll come down to earth again to start our After-Show party on top ♡

The pick-up point will be announced a few days before the even through GPS coordinates.
Be part of this unforgettable Danube boat trip + After-Show party at pens!!! 🙌

More details will follow soon! - Accept the invitation to our secret FB-group to be kept up to date... ツ

YOU WE TECHNO ALL DAY - [KDK Music Danube Trip]


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